ATEX Listed Electric Agitator

SKU: 25C484
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Choosing Electric Agitators means choosing advanced controls and higher energy savings when it comes to something as basic as an agitator.

Your efficiency will increase drastically as electric-driven agitators are up to 5 times more efficient compared to pneumatic ones. In combination with the flexibility of these agitators (wide variety of mounting configurations), upgrading your existing Graco agitator will be easy.

Noise level is a major reason for upgrading to electric technology. Pneumatic systems are known for the noise they make, while quiet electric motors will improve your work environment instantly.

  • Consistency: Electric agitator speed remains constant, regardless of material level in tank
  • Improved Quality: Low shear mixing ensures uniform particle dispersion without material degradation
  • Flexibility: Easily upgrade existing Graco pneumatic back-geared agitators with a variety of mounting configurations
  • Improved Work Environment: Quiet electric motor