Reactor 3 E-XP2

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Upgrade your rig with a powerful NEW Reactor 3 proportioner, built with advanced capabilities for polyurea applications. Reactor 3 is designed to communicate with the entire system to simplify the operator's job, optimize spray parameters and maximize productivity.

The E-XP2 is a polyurea system build for customers looking for a machine with more output and capabilities. It is ideal for use on medium to large jobs and applications. The E-XP2 is an ideal machine that can be the workhorse of your fleet, capable of handling most types of jobs with a good mix of output, heat and features.

  • ISO Lube Pump
    • Active ISO Lube system with peristaltic pump
    • Automatic timed circulation improves TSL Life
    • Reduced maintenance (No check valves)
    • New larger easy-to-change ISO lube bottle
  • Touchscreen Advanced Display Module (ADM)
    • Large new touchscreen interface
    • Intuitive operation and navigation
    • All spray operations from one screen
  • Independent Hose Control
    • Control A and B materials to different temperatures for improved pressure balancing
    • Optimizes yield
  • Advanced Electric Design
    • Brushless motor for improved pressure/flow performance
    • New temperature control boards for independent hose heat
    • Voltage jumpers for easy changing between voltages
    • Robust UL listed electrical hose connectors are color coded and keyed for error proof assembly
    • New Reactor 3 exclusive: connect with Tier 4 engines for ADM engine diagnostic
  • Reduced Size
    • Reduced footprint provides additional room in your rig
    • Compact design protects the flow meters and hose connections from being damaged in your rig